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#1303A - 9800 Territorial Drive

(Co-Op Mall)

North Battleford, SK


Opening Hours:


Tues - Fri.: 9:30am - 4:30pm

Monday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed



I grew up on a farm in the Broadacres area just south of Tramping Lake Saskatchewan.  
Growing up on a farm taught me a lot of important lessons and values in my lifetime.  By the time I hit 13 years old, I realized that I had a passion for beauty in people.  So I decided to take a community college hair cutting course.  I would practice on all of the neighbours and it became my spending money.
In 1989 I went to Marvel Beauty School and Cosmetology!  After I was done, I landed my first job in Kindersley at The Hair Cut.  I started to draw in clientele from the Unity area, which lead me into buying my first salon "The Hair Nook".  I owned and passionately designed hair there from 1992 to 2010.  In that time I expanded 3 times and redesigned 5 times.  I started with one stylist and expanded up to 11 staff as well as having a spa!  

Also in this time frame, I took many managerial courses.  I now had the experience of being an "employee" and and "employer"! I feel we all need to be both before we succeed at "ONE"!
In 2011 I started working at a brand new salon and could now have less responsibilities and more time to design hair.  In September 2017 I had to quit my job.  It was devastating, not because I wanted to, but I had to for health reasons!  So now what was I going to do in my life??
Finally, with lots of thought, I decided since I was helping cancer patients with hair loss for 20 plus years on the side of my business, the light switch came on!
From then on it's history.  I took my training to become certified as a wig specialist, I took a Compression Therapy course, and now I'm a Certified Compression Stocking Specialist.  I am now a Prosthesis Specialist as well!
I'm opening the first location to the Battlefords; Truly U Wigs and Accessories!!  
I'm so excited and am looking so forward to meeting new people and helping everyone who needs me!!
Thank you for taking the time to read into my background.



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